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Philly's Best Frozen Desserts

Hi, We are Rodney and Tonya, owners of Philly's Best Frozen Desserts. Rodney is from Philadelphia (hence the name)and Tonya is from New Jersey(right across the bridge). Philadelphia has had frozen desserts for as long as we can remember. One in particular is Italian Water ice, or as we say in Philly..."Water Ice." It is this, that we are bringing to this beautiful part of the country and our new adoptive city, Louisville and its surrounding areas.  Its rich smooth texture soothes the palate and without fail brings a smile to one’s face...everytime. Hope you enjoy this and the variety of frozen desserts we offer. 

See y’all soon at

3912 Bardstown Rd 40218



307 Wallace Ave 40207


...also be sure to check the FB link below for our upcoming Mobile Unit locations


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Current Retail Locations

*Cool Treats (Mobile ice cream trucks)

*ValuMarket- Outerloop 

*ValuMarket- MidCity Mall Highlands)

*ValuMarket- Iroquois

*ValuMarket- Mt. Washington