Philly's Best Frozen Desserts

Hi, my name is Rodney, a native Philadelphian and owner of Philly's Best Frozen Desserts. Philadelphia has had frozen desserts for as long as we can remember. One in particular is Italian Water ice, or as we say in Philly..."Water Ice." It is this, that we are bringing to this beautiful part of the country and our new adoptive city, Louisville.  Its rich smooth texture soothes the palate and without fail brings a smile to one’s face...everytime. Hope you enjoy this and the variety of frozen desserts we offer. 

Please be sure to visit us at 3912 Bardstown Rd


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Current Retail Locations

*Valu-Market -Mt Washington

*Dinos Food Mart 2601 Broadway

*Aroma Cafe 2020 Brownsboro Lane

*BP 1735 Newburg Road

*Pic-Pac 723 Gagel Ave

*Valero 4527 Bardstown Rd.

*Lakes 28th & Dumesnil St

*Frosty Treats (Mobile ice cream trucks)

*J-Town  Farmers Mark

*ValuMarket- Outerloop 

*ValuMarket- MidCity Mall Highlands)